Locking Small T Plate

Product Descriptions

Radius and Ulna Distal region provides ideal screw positioning with anatomically designed T-plates for fracture and treatment. It removes tissue irritation problem due to its low profile design.

There are 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hole options in the head part, right and left in the 3 hole shaft part.

Locking Small T Plate

Product No.     Holes     Direction     Material

LSTP04RT    3+4H       Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

LSTP05RT    3+5H       Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

LSTP06RT    3+6H       Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

LSTP04LT    3+4H       Left            Ti6Al4V-ELI

LSTP05LT    3+5H       Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

LSTP06LT    3+6H       Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

Product No.     Holes        Material

LSTP34T         3+4H        Ti6Al4V-ELI

LSTP35T         3+5H        Ti6Al4V-ELI

LSTP36T         3+6H        Ti6Al4V-ELI

LSTP37T         3+7H        Ti6Al4V-ELI

Certified Titanyum TI6AL4V-ELI alloy according to ASTM F.136 ISO.5832/3

Can be used with 2,3mm, 2,7mm, 3,5mm, 4,0mm, locked and unlocked cortical screws, 4.0mm locked and unlocked Cancellous screws.