Locking Proximal Tibia Medial Plate

Product Descriptions

Proximal Tibia Medial plates with anatomical design for the treatment of tibial proximal fractures provide ideal screw positioning, thanks to its low profile design it eliminates tissue irritation.

Product No.     Holes     Direction     Material

LMPTP05RT     4+5H       Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP07RT     4+7H       Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP09RT     4+9H       Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP11RT     4+11H     Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP13RT     4+13H     Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP15RT     4+15H     Right          Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP05LT     4+5H       Left             Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP07LT     4+7H       Left             Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP09LT     4+9H       Left             Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP11LT     4+11H     Left            Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP13LT     4+13H     Left           Ti6Al4V-ELI

LMPTP15LT     4+15H     Left           Ti6Al4V-ELI

Certified Titanyum TI6AL4V-ELI alloy according to ASTM F.136 ISO.5832-3

Can be used with 4.5mm, 5.0mm Locked and Unlocked Cortical Screws and 5.5mm Locked and Unlocked Cancellous Screws.