Locking Semi Tubuler Plate

Product Descriptions

Ulna, Semi Tube flat plates with specially designed for fracture and treatment of Radius bones provide ideal screw positioning. Thanks to low profile design, it removes tissue irritation problem.

There are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, hole options.

Locking Semi Tubuler Plate

Product No.     Holes        Material

STP04T              4H           Ti6Al4V-ELI

STP05T              5H           Ti6Al4V-ELI

STP06T              6H           Ti6Al4V-ELI

STP07T              7H           Ti6Al4V-ELI

STP08T              8H           Ti6Al4V-ELI

STP09T              9H           Ti6Al4V-ELI

STP10T              10H         Ti6Al4V-ELI

STP12T              12H         Ti6Al4V-ELI

Certified Titanyum TI6AL4V-ELI alloy according to ASTM F.136 ISO.5832/3

Can be used with 2,3mm, 2,7mm, 3,5mm, 4,0mm, locked and unlocked cortical screws, 4.0mm locked and unlocked Cancellous screws.